Friday, May 9, 2008

Summertime = Baseball

Summertime at our house means baseball! Practices begin early May and the first games are around Memorial Day. Two games a week plus practice until late July. For the past few years this has been times three and last year was the most challenging. We had several nights with all three boys playing at the same time in three different towns! This year just Dane and Spencer will play baseball. Mason is hitting the local junior golf tour.

In my hometown of Kirkwood, Missouri, the kids start earlier and end later with one game a week. So we had the pleasure of seeing my nephew, Marshall, play ball on our recent trip home.

Guess who the team manager is???

That's right...Uncle Marty!

This year Marshall is pitching and playing center field. Isn't he handsome?

Working on getting a piece of it!

What did my children do while watching their cousin play baseball???

Spencer, the master of self-entertainment. That would be Mason standing

and laughing, and Dane as photographer.

The kids are counting down...only two weeks of school left.

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