Friday, May 30, 2008

On the Grill

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had the pleasure of grilling out with friends one night, grilling out with my husband's sister and her spouse the next night and being invited to dinner at my in-laws the next night. We know how to eat around here! We enjoyed the three evenings very much.

I did not take pictures out of respect for the privacy of those close to was a momentary lapse, I must not have been feeling well.

I did capture this precious moment between my husband's father and his great-granddaughter.

She found his hearing aid, examined it and asked many questions. She then looked at him very seriously and said, "You have another one of those". She turned his head and looked in his other ear and a triumphant smile broke out across her face.

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Nancy said...

What a sweet picture of Jess & Maddix.