Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The First Bounty

Isn't it beautiful? It's Blackseeded Simpson Lettuce and the..."I can't remember variety" of Spinach. Our youngest, Spencer, was particularly interested in trying out this bounty at dinner. He's impressed by the thought that it came out of the garden in the back yard. I am , too, to be honest. I planted those teeny, tiny seeds on a very windy day and it just didn't seem possible that they would grow into something so big, so green and so gorgeous.

The taste...it just tastes better than store bought. Fresher, crisper with a deeper flavor. We were amazed. Our oldest said, "This tastes good and we know no one added any artificial stuff." That's right. No wax on the apples, dye in the oranges or sugar-water in the corn. I never knew store-bought corn might be injected with sugar water. We had some earlier in the week and it had an unnatural sugary, sweet flavor. Candy on a Cob! Yuck!

It's true that veggies from your backyard involve some work. We also try to get to the Sat. morning farmer's market. This week we bought asparagus and eggs. We've started buying a few things from the organic section at the grocery, too. We buy bags of golden delicious apples and they do not last long.

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Nancy said...

I do know the salad on Saturday night that was made with your "bounty" was very tasty. That's why I had 2 helpings!