Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It was 20 Years Ago Today

My husband and I tied the knot 20 years ago today! How can that be? A bunch of life has been crammed into those 20 years! In honor of such a historic day, here are a few shots from the big day.

I believe we were thinking, "Am I ever glad that part is over. Where's the party?"

My suppot group - my husband's sisters (two on left), our nieces, my sister (on my right) and my pals. They must have really liked me to wear those pink popsicle dresses. Pinky-peach was how I described the color at the time... and I was gaga over it. The matching roses were "Sophia". My husband, who has an "in" with the local florist, still gives those roses to me each year.

My husband and his home boys. My two brothers (one on his left and one second to the right) were also convinced to join the gang, along with our nephew. You may notice that they look rather sunburned. They played golf for most of the day before, followed by a bachelor party. When I reached him at the end of the aisle with his sunburn, a bit of a hangover and wedding jitters, he looked as though he might faint at any moment.

The reception was held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the beautiful upstairs of the main building. A jazzy, blues band played and the doors to the the garden were open. It was lovely. I do remember a bit of concern over the nude statues being exhibited at that time. My grandmothers were there, after all!

You may be able to see the guests lined up for food in the back. They were either ravenous or the food was incredible, because the food ran out a little early and my father needed to beg for more in the kitchen. Even though I'm the youngest of my family, I married first (just by six weeks) and when we left the reception, for the only time I know of, both of my parents cried. That's when I "got it" that the evening was life changing.

A city, a small town, separate toothpaste, family, friends, separate sinks, three sons, many pets, separate retirement savings plans and a funeral home business later, it's been a wonderful, cuh-razy, action-packed ride.


kimj said...

Oh! Happy 20th Anniversary!! So fun to see those pictures of you two looking so dang young!! You forgot to mention the dog and two cats (Bart's favorite part!) in your list!!

Hope you guys have something fun planned to celebrate soon... Congrats!!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary kids! Kids...that's exactly what you look like in those pics. Hope you'll be celebrating. Maybe a bottle of wine and a beautiful sunset on that new screened porch.

BonjourBruxelles said...

We're all so, so.....shiny! Pretty cool that we're all still in touch. 20 years is quite an achievement...

may you and Bart have another glorious 20 years of marriage!


Jenny said...

Comment from Sarah H.:

Wow, you are so cute! And Bart looks like a young Teddy Kennedy (I mean that as a compliment, really I do! He may be a drunken liberal with a brain tumor, but he has always kept those Kennedy looks).

Anyway, congratulations. Staying married is a big accomplishment.

Dave and I also have separate toothpaste.

Jenny said...

We went to separate baseball games in separate towns...

We're hoping for a dinner out, just the two of us before next year, I mean on Saturday evening!