Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Stop and Watch the Sunset

When we marked a spot for the house and agonized over the angle for the back of the house, we were thinking about the view of the pond. We were caught off guard by the sunsets. At times, we stop what we are doing just to watch. In the winter, they are rather mellow, but now that it's spring...

April 14

The haziness in this picture is from the spring burning of the pastures. Some days you can see the smoke, others just smell it lingering in the air. It lends the pink to the sun.

May 1

May 5

May 14

As my friend, Ann, says, "Life is good!"

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Whirled said...

Beautiful pictures! Your pond is so lovely. (And so is your blog!)
Thanks for the link in your sidebar...I added you to mine too!