Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Preparation - Me Day

I overheard a woman say to a friend, "School is almost out, I need to reinvent my life". A whole lot of truth resonates from that statement. In three short days the boys will be home. Why is this significant? Well, summer around here involves baseball lessons, practices and games; golf lessons and tournaments; tennis lessons and practices; summer basketball tournaments; swimming; occasional MINOR scraps and bruises (please); sleepovers; cooking; cleaning; and drive-drive-driving. All requiring immense flexibility - like fluid, in an oozy, goozy, can take on any change at any moment kind of a way.

In anticipation of the need for this level of flexibility, I took a Me Day. A day where I forgo my beloved family and friends for some wandering time alone. I think of it as a brain unscrambling day. Meditation would certainly be faster, dare I say, cheaper. Note to self: consider learning meditation.

I got in the car and drove to a couple of my favorite places. First stop, Lawrence, Kansas. Sorry no fabulous photos as I forgot my camera. @#?$%^#*!!! I have a deep connection to my alma mater, especially downtown. A stroll down Mass St. is infinitely theraputic. I stopped in The Dusty Bookshelf, Hobbs, The Bay Leaf and The Winfield House. The only purchase, in case you were worried about Shopaholicism. I know that's not a word, 'cause I looked it up and shoplifting was the only thing in there and I was NOT shoplifting. Anyhoo, the only purchase was a sheet cake pan. I usually make homemade ice cream a time or two for the neighborhood kids during the summer and thought I would throw in a chocolate sheetcake this year.

Next stop, the Plaza in Kansas City. Oh, I enjoy the plaza. You stroll the streets, the weather was gorgeous, by the way, stop to admire the fountains and hit your favorite stores. Let's see - J. Jill, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft and Origins. I'm not sure I know any of the scientific reasons why this ____________ activity, fill in the blank with your favorite, works so well, but I strongly suspect it's the departure from the usual. A t-shirt and some shorts, THAT'S ALL, I swear. Well, ok, I got some face cream and bath salts at Origins. I confess!

This reminds me, the last time I did this, about six months ago, my brother called when I was in the dressing room at J. Jill and simply said, "please move to the nearest exit, immediately!". Wha...? My husband had prompted him. bwa ha ha ha, that WAS very funny!

I feel great today. I'm ready. I've been doing laundry, cleaning, making grocery lists and reviewing chocolate sheet cake recipes. We're going to have a great summer!


BonjourBruxelles said...

I'm so very envious of your Me Day, Jen - If not just for the solo time but for the walk through Lawrence and the Plaza....

Not so sure about the sheet cake pan purchase, though. Did you carry that with you from store to store or was it in a bag?


Nancy said...

Sounds like you're ready to take on the whirlwind of summer! Good for you for prepping yourself.

Jenny said...

ha ha ha...sheetcake tucked under armpit as I perused stores on the plaza...ha ha ha ha ha...I wish I would have thought of that one.