Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Mother makes Kansas Governor Sebelius Laugh

Did you know Douglas County, which includes Lawrence, was the only county in the whole state of Kansas to go Democratic in the 2004 presidential election? I notice these things because I come from a politically active, mostly democratic, family. In fact, I have memories of stuffing envelops for George McGovern, helping my Mom put up yard signs and standing at polling places handing out candidate brochures. My Mother signed my brothers' high school diplomas as the School Board Secretary.

Pic of Mom being sworn in for her first term on the Kirkwood School Board.
She served six years.

My Mom worked hard to get Democrat Claire McCaskill elected Missouri Governor a few years ago. McCaskill lost 52% - 48% to "Baby Blunt". My Mom's term and it wasn't meant to compliment his youthfulness... After the election my Mom was invited to a luncheon to thank the McCaskill volunteers. Who was at this luncheon you might ask? Well, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Prior to the lunch, some mingling occurred and my Mom made her way to the Kansas Governor. She introduced herself and said,

"My daughter lives in ______ (small town in Kansas). I think she's the only democrat in her whole county!"

Governor Sebelius laughed and said, "You may be right!"

Pic of Mom with Missouri Governor Bob Holden, who was the predecessor to Governor Blunt.


Nancy said...

Love the pic of mom being sworn in to the school board -- very 70's.

BonjourBruxelles said...

What an awesome legacy, Jenny. Hope your brood is following in their grandmother's footsteps :) Kansas USED to be such a blue state...maybe with this upcoming election it will be at least somewhat purple.