Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mini Society

At our local elementary school they have a wonderful activity called Mini Society. The kids learn about money systems, producing products, supply and demand, and other cool things about the real world. Spencer's company, Sports Rocks, co-owned by his friend Jacob, sold painted rocks with a variety of sports team's initials. The boys painted more than 100 rocks with a little assistance from their employees. I had the pleasure of being an employee. One of the activities is Market Day, where the kids, teachers, and parents are given "money" and may walk around the classrooms to purchase the items the kids have produced.

The proud owners of Sports Rocks

Jacob made this amazing stand to display the rocks.

"As soon as I finish my chex mix, I'll tell you about these rocks."

Things were hopping toward the later part of the market and a line began to form. "No pushing please, plenty of keepsake rocks available."

The boys had a ball and sold most of their rocks. They ran a short sale during the last ten minutes and announced free with a minute to go. All the rocks instantly disappeared. When they realized the class would be having an auction tomorrow of remaining inventory they humbly asked for just a few rocks back...please... three will be available for auction.

Mini Society is a wonderful experience for the kids and it has the the added bonus of mixing learning with fun!

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