Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Spring Beauty

Spring in St. Louis, where I was born and lived until college, comes two weeks before spring in Kansas. Because of this, and I imagine other horticultural factors, they have a prized tree that is rare in Kansas.

The dogwood.

These two beauties are outside my brother, Marty and his wife, Leslie's, family room window.

This gigantic, gorgeous, white dogwood is in my sister's backyard. For two days, I drove my family cah-razy pointing and talking about every dogwood I saw...gagillions of them! I admired, considered, commented, praised, and longed for the dogwoods.

I daydreamed and yearned for dogwoods on the hours-long drive home, until I reached our driveway...

Only seven months in this spot and this crab apple consoles me.

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kimj said...

I was going to ask if those were dogwoods! That's what I miss about Maryland... dogwoods and azaleas... they were everywhere!!