Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The First Day of Summer Vacation

From my perspective, today is the first real day of summer vacation - the first day the kids aren't due at school. I'm thinkin' a nice quiet day.

Are you kidding me??? We took off this morning for guitar lessons, followed by shorts and baseball cleat shopping, and then baseball lessons. As we walked into the baseball school, we noticed that the left back tire was nearly flat... which lead to this.

Bet you can't tell we're country folk.

By late afternoon we had called The Mortician twice for assistance. First he came to get the car with the flat tire. I love this man. Next he came home from work to get this guy...

You see, the kids have been fishing quite a bit in the pond the last few days. One day they ended late and had three large fish on a stringer. Since they planned to fish again in the morning they decided to leave the fish on the stringer overnight. In the morning when they checked on the fish, one-half of a fish was missing. So this was not a case of escape, freedom, back to the cool pond waters. Something ate that half of a fish and sometime in the morning it came back for the other piece. My husband's conclusion: a huge snapping turtle. Yikes!

So when word filtered back to me today that the kids in the neighborhood had found a huge snapping turtle and my husband was on scene, I needed to go take a look... and a few pictures.

The Mortician and a neighbor had a plan. They would "humanely" put the turtle out of this life with a shotgun! Oh, boy. As I snapped photos, an idea dawned on me and I said to my husband, "How about you put the turtle in the back of your suburban, drive it down the road to the creek and let it loose?"

His reply based on the unnerving hissing noises and the 1" stick the turtle had broken like a toothpick, was, "why don't you put it in the back of YOUR van, drive it down the road and let it loose."

"Ok!!!!" Am I a good bluffer or what???

He added, "Anyway, it will just come back."

Being a little stubborn, a bit bossy and full of ideas. I replied, "well, how about farther down the road to the river?"

It must have been what felt like a half-a-million little eyes, ages 9 through 14, that made him grumble, "Oh, alright!" Did I mention I love this man? I do not have a PETA membership, I swear. It's just that even a frightening, incredibly ugly creature such as this turtle, should have a chance if there's a reasonable one. Right?

He threw the turtle in the back, we all jumped in the cars and off we went.

The Mortician chucked the turtle down the hill to the river.

As he walked back to his car, with a devilish grin on his face, he said, "If that turtle comes back, he is going to KILL us!"

The turtle's new home, that is, if it survived the fall.

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Nancy said...

Well, all I can say is that it seems your summer has gotten off to quite a start. Not near that level of excitement at our place!