Friday, May 23, 2008

Next Stop: High School

Did you have a grandparent, great aunt or uncle who would pinch your check and say, "Oh, how you've grown!" or "You're just getting so tall"? I did and I would do an internal eyeroll and find the food table.
Now, I hear myself occasionally say it to my own kids! Yikes!
Today was a big day for our oldest son, Mason. He was "promoted" from 8th grade. I have to admit to being completely unfamiliar with this particular milestone and I headed to the ceremony with a bit of this really necessary? I imagine it was begun many, many years ago...possibly when it was 8th grade graduation. These days 8th grade might be only halfway in a person's education.

The Class of 2012

Moving from the middle school to the high school is a big step. Not only have the kids grown physically, Mason now looks me in the eye, but they have grown intellectually as well. They are ready to take on more complex, challenging courses of study. So, yes, let's celebrate this milestone! Let's honor the successful navigation of middle school and give the students our encouragement and pledge of support as they head for the rougher, more demanding waters of high school and beyond.

The ceremony was very well-done. Several kids spoke briefly and two young ladies sang solos. The second soloist has a career as a singer in her future! The, uh,... promotees, walked across the stage to receive a certificate. As their names were called, the MC also read a statement on what they were proud of from their middle school experience. Mason's was "being on the honor roll throughout middle school". Not bad!

I know, leaving the stage, back to the camera...sigh. I pressed the button as he was shaking the principal's hand, but my camera has a mind of it's own and usually pauses, oh, about an hour, before it takes the picture. I need a manual or a photography class or a private tutor or someone else to take the pictures!

Way to go, Mason!

Mason with buds, Sam and Ian.

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kimj said...

What a handsome group of boys!! :)