Monday, May 12, 2008

Digging in the Dirt

The counter in my pantry has become Garden Central. I needed a place to organize seed packs, references and other supplies. Even the garden trowel - a little dirt among the cans of soup and boxes of rice never hurt anyone...

Last week was big for planting. One Monday, tomatoes, bell peppers, cantelope and watermelon plants went into the garden. Thursday saw the planting of zucchini, cucumbers and green beans. Also, a few petunias out front...gotta have some flowers!

By far the most important variety planted this week was the wind fence. Bart picked up the wood at the lumber yard and had the fence up in no time. He was right that my idea of a charming, weathered, picket fence probably wouldn't stop any wind. On Wednesday evening the fence was tested! We had gusty winds with the threat of severe weather. I went to bed worried about the new tomato plants and put off looking for half the next day. They were just fine!

The plants are taking off in the garden. Lettuce and spinach are close to the first harvest. The potato plants look great. Kohl robi and corn are peaking through.

I haven't had any no shows yet. I am, however, out of space! Darn I thought that garden bed was big...not with the likes of watermelon and cantelope. Hmmm...expansion in the future??? Shhhh! Don't tell Bart...not yet anyway.

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Nancy said...

Hey I like the fence addition - looks good. And so does the lettuce. Mmm.