Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Down, Two to Go!

My, my, haven't been here in a while! I've just finished the first of three semesters in the College of Education at K-State. The instructors fondly refer to this semester as "teaching boot camp". They are soooo funny! I'm glad to say I survived.

One of the classes I had was a technology class and I heard a few not-so-flattering things about this class from other students. The instructor was hired last fall and was teaching a three hour course. K-State's course is one hour and it's been hard to cut back to one credit hour's worth of work. Somewhere after the first few weeks of feeling overwhelmed I fell for this course. It must be something to do with why I majored in computer science the first time around?!? And the instructor...pretty amazing.

Anyway, here's the website I created posing as a teacher. 85% of it is projects from my classes so I will need to re-work it for use when I become a teacher, but you might take a look.