Saturday, May 17, 2008

Emerald Green Means Mowing

We live on 14 acres, so we have plenty of room for a opposed to fields. Our yard is about an acre, and fortunately, we already own a riding lawn mower.

You might be thinking, "uh oh", who will be moving that lawn and those fields. To our delight, our two oldest boys love riding the lawn mower. Dane volunteered the other day and instead of mowing just his half, he mowed the whole yard!

For the fields, you ask? We have Alice. An Allis-Chalmers tractor to be more descriptive. We own Alice with two of our neighbors and we manage to smoothly take turns and take care of repairs. It's funny how the first year you own an old, almost antique, tractor, many repairs are needed. Alice seems to be in fine working order now.

Just as the boys enjoy mowing with the riding mower, my husband and I love mowing with Alice (I almost said riding and thought that didn't sound right). We are both quite sneaky about Alice-each trying to get her out first to mow our favorite spots. Grass length has been a point of contention at times. I'm for longer, he's for shorter. My brother, Marty and our friend, Mike, also enjoying mowing on Alice. They usually ask if time will be available for moving when they visit. Those city slickers! Takes one to know one...

Alice the tractor, the closest I will get to lifelong dream of owning a horse. ?!?!

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