Monday, July 14, 2008

Cultivating Weeds?

There's a bit of a weed problem along the garden paths. Pulling all those weeds has been on the to-do list but just somehow has never made it to the top.

When I toured Sharen's garden she mentioned using Round Up on weeds in her her garden!!! She said just be careful to only spray the weed and you will be fine. My Dad worked for Monsanto Co., the maker of Round Up, for many years, so I was more than willing to give this a try.

This is only 24 hours later!!! All the vegetables seem to be just fine. Round Up, where have you been all my summer?

While I was out there, I spied this teeny, tiny watermelon. The little sign is 1" x 2" as a comparison. I am hoping it will grow, but some things in my garden are just teeny, tiny this year... more on that later.

The Roma tomatoes are not teeny, tiny, however. Aren't they lookin' good? We're eating cherry tomatoes now and will have some other varieties soon. Can't wait!

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kimj said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful! Makes me want my garden in Valentine back!!