Friday, July 11, 2008

Raising Good Marriage Material

The ability to feed one's self something other than fast food or a TV dinner is an enviable skill.

Let's go a step further and say that one incomparable gift that a mother may give to her sons is some cookin' and cleanin' skills.

With this end in mind, I've encouraged each of the boys to learn to cook. We've started small with opening a can and heating up soup, and have progressed through mac and cheese, pancakes and cookies. I've found a heavy emphasis on favorites has increased interest!

I fully understand the mess potential here. At times it makes me shudder a bit. At these moments, an interview I watched years ago strangely pops into my head. In it, Steven Speilberg's mother said, "I would let Steven create whatever he wanted in the kitchen as long as he would clean up." I'm thinkin' Steven turned out pretty well.

My youngest came into the kitchen a few days ago and announced that he was going to make pancakes for himself and his brothers. He set to work and the only help he needed was my reaching the cooking oil on a high shelf. Halfway into the pancake making he decided to make scrambled eggs, too. Oh, mercy...he even helped with the clean up!

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