Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kitten Wins Over A Devoted Dog Lover

For those of you that know my husband well, this is a remarkable moment. For those that do not, please let me explain:

My husband does not like cats...that's simply to mild...

My husband hates cats! Can't stand them! He's even been overheard saying cats were put on this earth to be drop-kicked.

This abandoned kitty, named Sox by the boys, seems to be getting under his skin.

Do you suppose he may even pet the kitten?

Could we dare to think he may coo to it?

Coo to it??? Uuuh, no cooing, definitely NO cooing.

Now wait a minute, after examining this photo a little closer... I believe he was watching TV...yes, I'm sure of it. It was probably ESPN! That explains everything! He didn't even KNOW the kitten was in his lap!!!

Dang it, I thought for sure we had had a breakthrough.
Important Note: This story is greatly exaggerated. It's true and I just didn't want any confusion about it. My husband LOVES all domesticated animals, especially our three boys.


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Nancy said...

Hey, there was no mention of putting kitties in a gunny sack (there's more to this but it probably would have the animal lovers up in arms). I can't belive he let Sox get so comfy.