Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From Cow Pies to Homesteads

When we moved to my husband's hometown, we bought a house "in town" with the intention of moving just outside of town within a year or two. We loved our neighborhood so much we stayed for nine years. Even so, we kept our eyes and ears open for land that had a country feel with a close-to-town location. A few years ago, we heard there might be some land for sale. Farm land in this area is profitable with multi-generational families farming it, so land is NOT readily available - especially land close to town. We were thrilled when we were able to make the purchase of 40 acres with our friends and next door neighbors.

We designed a small subdivision with seven lots.

Did you know you get to name your subdivision and streets?

What once led to a cow pasture is now TallGrass Lane with Autumn Blaze Maples lining it's edges. At the top of the gentle hill is Indian Summer Circle to the right and Little Pond Circle to the left. We've already watched as seven houses came from grass to holes to cement to boards to shingles to siding to complete! Now many of the neighbors are planting trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and gardens. The transformation has been mind-boggling.

The last family moved in a week ago and we are now 7 families: 14 adults and 21 kids. We have 12 boys and 9 girls ages 4 through 16.

What better way to celebrate than a neighborhood cookout! We gathered on the back side of our pond, where there's a little shade and plenty of room to relax...

and be entertained...

Two of our newest neighbors jumped in to roast marshmellows for s'mores. Steve also pinch-hit on the grill. Thanks, Steve.

A bonfire does seem to draw a crowd.

The evening was breezy (no bugs), high seventies (no sweat) and finished with chocolate sheet cake (no kidding)!


kimj said...

Hey! That kid on the right looks familiar!! Did he buy a house in Tallgrass and not tell me?! :) Looks as if the neighborhood cookout was a success!

Nancy said...

The old neighborhood still misses you.