Friday, July 18, 2008

Harvesting Green Beans

Since it's a first year garden at our new house, I planted a little of everything this year. Why not experiment a bit to find out what grows well AND disappears at the dinner table?

The green beans snuck up on me...

I thought I should take a look the other day and was surprised to see a batch ready to be picked, right that minute!

I'm afraid I was forced to relieve my first garden assistant of her duties. She was a real pain in the ....y'know. Immediately following our sojourns to the garden, she would need a bath, dry, fluff and curl. Way too much work! So I hired a new assistant, our trusty Lab, Bailey. She sat in the path while I enjoyed picking green beans. The panting was a little annoying, but hey, one should not be picky.

She looked the green beans over carefully.

"I prefer Zucchini".

Well, I never. Solo may be the answer.
We steamed those beans up, added a little butter and they disappeared. Don't you love seeing kids eat vegetables?

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kimj said...

Ya know, you're making me a bit envious with all your fresh veggies! Although I'm not as cute as your four legged assistants, I think I could be a bit more helpful... and I wouldn't ever turn my nose up to fresh green beans!!