Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Challenges of Learning Photography

As you may already know, I purchased a new camera. I have been studying the manual, reading photography blogs and trying out the camera. I'm finding that being madly in love with the art form clearly will not be enough! It's hard to take a good picture! It's not just having a good photo "eye"... or being mechanically adept...or being gifted creatively...or being able to figure out all the lingo... it's remembering to take the picture! I have realized that my ability to take even a medicore picture will be resting on my memory!!! I'm doomed.

The first mountain to climb...just remembering to take the camera along. I had the rare opportunity to go to Lawrence, a town I love...forgot the camera. We took our boat out for the first time in 9 months and my kids learned to kneeboard...forgot the camera. When my sister, Pam, was here visiting we got all dolled up and went out to dinner...forgot the camera. Grrrrr. I think I need some sort of carrying device that I can strap to my body, kind of like a bra. I NEVER forget my bra.

Second issue, when I have the camera, I need to REMEMBER to turn it on and take some pictures! You may have noticed in my camping trip post, I forgot to take a picture of the camp site. Good Lord, we spent hours packing all that gear in the car and then another hour or so putting it up by the lake and I couldn't remember to take one measly picture! I think I need to start thinking about pictures in the same way I think about feeding my children. I'm a three meals a day girl, so they get three meals a day AND snacks. Some would say I'm a bit neurotic about feeding my kids healthy food. Come on now, fess up, some might say that!

Finally, even with the camera turned on and at the ready, I tend to get so caught up in the excitement, I FORGET to take a picture! I crouched by the fence at my sons' final baseball games, killing my 40-something body, so as to be ready to take an action shot. I saw lots of action and THEN remembered the camera was in my hand!

Here's a rather embarrassing example. My son, on the right, had caught a line drive flyball to the cheers of the crowd. I swear he did. I swear! It's just, well, I took this picture about a minute later when I had recovered my senses. Darn it!

At my middle son's game, I vowed to do better and took this pretty cool action shot of him pitching. However, I had to take 397 pictures to get this one and since he's also in motion it could be any kid. Daggumit.

What to do? How about a brain transplant. May I request a new brain with lots and lots and lots...and lots of good memory cells! Please. Pretty please. Pretty, pretty please.

Big sigh. I'm open to suggestions.


MUD said...

Wait until you spend more for a telephoto lens than you did for the camera. I have a NIKON D70 and love it. I got a new lens this year that had image stabilization and off hand shot a picture from a moving bus that absolutely caught the essence of a bird. Buy extra memory cards and a copy of Adobe Photoshop and shoot as much as you can. Remember that external memory for your computer is cheap and store things there. The wife shoots my D70 and her N90S but I know she wants a D300. Perhaps next year. MUD

Jenny said...

After a few days with the new camera, I realized I wasn't able to zoom any closer than with the old camera. A telephoto lens is on my xmas list. Extra memory for taking more pictures is good advice. Thanks, Mud!