Monday, July 28, 2008

An Adventure in Kansas City

We traveled to Kansas City this weekend to meet my brother, Marty, his wife, Leslie and their kids, Marshall and Ellie. On Friday evening, we ate dinner outside as the temperature and humidity dropped to tolerable. We had heard of some alien activity in the area, so Saturday morning we were up early and set off to investigate.

It was true!

Aliens have set their mothership down in the Power and Light District of downtown Kansas City. They call it the Sprint Center. These creatures enjoy good concerts, so we investigated procuring tickets to the Tina Turner concert, but felt the $150 per ticket was beyond our human limits.

Basketball seems to be another favored pasttime of these extraterrestrials. They have constructed a Basketball Experience.

As you begin your "experience", you are surrounded by images of the game. A distraction while being x-rayed, brain scanned and otherwise analyzed.

The Stretch.

or wing span?

In the main arena, you are enticed by a variety of physical challenges.

Many were entranced by shooting as many free-throws as possible while the clock ticked to zero.

My Sister-in-Law
My Brother
My Husband
My Nephew

...and even me!

Goals that allowed normal sized humans to dunk were also a draw.

My oldest, just like a pro... yeah, baby!

Yep, it may be a few years and some inches before this guy is ready for the NBA.

Future sportcasters in training...

ET, can you say rivalry???

Intense rivalry?

For an out-of-this-world adventure: The Basketball Experience in Kansas City.

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kimj said...

What a hoot!! That looks like a blast! Tell Bart that he looks better in purple! :)