Monday, June 30, 2008

Sharen's Country Garden

On Friday, I had the pleasure of visiting the gardens of the sweetest lady on the planet, my friend, Sharen. In her magical garden, your cares and worries melt away with the dazzling beauty of the flowers and dreams of the delightful tastes of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Sharen completed the Master Gardener program a few years ago, which added to her knowledge and experience. Here's a peak at her lovely gardens.

Sharen at one of her favorite places. This archway leads to the playground; she also owns Sharen's Country Kids Daycare. She says the clematis will stretch all the way across the arch by fall and bloom in a cascade of flowers.

She and her husband, Jim showed me their favorite place to relax. A deck overlooking the garden. I understand why they love this spot!

Sharen has picked up tables and chairs over the years, mainly at yard sales, and annually hosts a huge family reunion in the midst of this setting. Wonder why the family insists she be the host?!

We meandered around investigating the different growing beds Sharen has developed for vegetables here and flowers there. We first wandered into the vegetable garden. What in the world...I'm now convinced I've grown a tiny, teeny garden.

Just look at this unbelieveable yellow squash plant.

Gorgeous tomatoes, too!

Cabbage, peppers, onions, green beans, cucumbers and more are hangin' out here growing huge, loaded with tantilizing veggies.

Of course, she's evenly more deeply engrained in my heart because she, too, loves blackberries (and rasberries, gooseberries, peaches, apples and cherries, too. All growing in her yard).

Next we made our way through the winding flower beds. So many unexpected overturned bucket, a cream separator, an angel. Sharen loves to go to yard sales and she has an eye for garden treasures.

I had an early love of daylilies that had faded for some reason. It' been renewed. If you have lots of sun, daylilies are perfect!

I waited for the sun to shine on this beauty and make it dazzle, but y'know I have a little trouble with patience.

Here she is with her girlfriends.

Just to give you an idea of Sharen's knowledge and talent, this Wisteria is just three years old!

Purple coneflowers, daisies, daylilies and more greet you as you drive up to the house.

As these hollyhocks stand guard.

We had a wonderful time walking through and discussing the unknowingly learning, she unknowingly teaching. She asked me to come back! She explained that it all changes as different plants begin to bloom later in the season. "On a Saturday, I'll make lemonade". I can't wait! Thank you, Sharen.


Sarah H. said...

Oooh! Let me know when you're going next and I'll come too. I really want to see her garden ... I knew she was a serious gardener but I didn't know she had all of that! I love to see how people who really know what they're doing lay out their gardens.

Jenny said...

I will let you know. That lady has a whopper green thumb and it was so fun to tour her garden with her!

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