Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Memorable Garden Tour ?

I've been thinking about giving you a link to another blog for the last day or so...actually more like obsessing about it. It keeps popping into my mind at all kinds of strange times during the day and night. It would be a link to my next door neighbor and friend, The Country Doctor's Wife's blog. Why would I link to one of her posts when many of you already read her blog?
When many of you may have actually come from her blog to get to this blog!!! Well, it's because I deeply loved this particular post. It was imaginative, clever, unexpected, hilarious and inspiring. That's why! So here you go...

The Country Doctor's Wife

P.S. The Country Doctor's Wife lent me one of her Beverly Nichols books and I am chuckling my way through a series of lessons on gardening.

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