Monday, June 2, 2008

Garden Tour - Including A Classic Barn or Two

The nearby city of approximately 50,000, at least they are hopefully awaiting the official count, which has something to do with receiving more federal money, had a garden tour on Sunday. To my deep delight my husband agreed to go with me. He's the one who digs the holes for the new trees and shrubs, and builds fences, so we need to get him inspired!

We both fell in love with the setting of the second garden we visited. It's outside of town on a few acres. Both the husband and wife have horticultural degrees, so we arrived with a feeling of "not possible" for us and left inspired.

This is their organic vegetable garden. Ours is a teeny, tiny version of this one.

I simply must conquer my fear of growing roses! Any advice?

This is the view of the side yard garden standing on the steps of the very cool, rustic barn. The barn has an area that has been converted to a gathering space.

The next house was built in 2001 by the owners of a nursery. Most features would be next to impossible without a similar business ownership, but a few things caught our eye.

This patio with pergola could be the setting for frequent evening gatherings. The wisteria was my favorite feature! It's baby wisteria at this point, but image what it will look like more fully grown on the trellis.

The last house catches your admiration from the road.

The native, stone house was built in 1901 and many of the trees must have been planted at this time. A cottonwood tree in the backyard has a trunk more than 4' in diameter! Those are oaks towering over the house in the picture.

Just look at the treasure we found out back.

Alice, the tractor, needs a home just like that. Horses, please. How do you build a 100 year old barn?

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BonjourBruxelles said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos Jenny. I can just feel the warm sun and dry air. Thanks for sharing!