Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alma, Where Landscaping Work Will Get You an Ice Cream

A quiet, quaint, small town rests in a valley about 20 minutes south of us: Alma, the city of native stone. Some uniquely crafted limestone homes can be found in Alma...hmmm, maybe a good post for the future. Also, in Alma, a funeral chapel. One of ours that was in desperate need of some landscape TLC. The bushes had engulfed the front of the building in a way that made me think they might just swallow the building whole. The dead twigs seemed to be strangling the flowers and the dandelions were having a party. So the hubby and I packed up ourselves and the three boys, and headed over to tackle the job.

Specific instructions, and days and days of pep talks seemed to work wonders. Each boy attacked,, dove into, ...uh, no, made an effort at his assigned task.

Does stopping to have one's picture taken mean that Dad has to do more work?

"I will organize everything in the back of this truck. All of you - rake, trim, mow, weed and haul!" hee hee hee, I kid. This guy worked as hard as the rest of 'em!

A passing, official-looking helicopter seems like a good reason for a break!

All of the effort paid off, because the funeral chapel looks tended, loved, and cared for now! See...

Note: I may need a camera tripod, so as not to make roof overhangs appear to be hanging crooked!

You might think the boys were moaning and dragging their feet... well, a moan or two, but we were offering pizza for lunch to build up strength for the job and ice cream once the wilderness was tamed.

This inspired, little walk-up eatery is worth a visit. Hamburgers, bierocks, fresh-squeezed lemonade and ice cream!

You may also sort through and buy lovely potted plants, if you wish. Alma, an unexpected afternoon entertainment.


BonjourBruxelles said...

Jenny-what's a bierock? I'm thinking it's something edible....?

beachbungalow8 said...

this is so fun to see. it's great to peek into another part of the world!

apparently there's some kind of fountain of youth in alma. you guys look...the same (what up with that?)


Jenny said...

K- Alma has a german ancestry, thus the german bierock. It's hamburger, onion, cabbage and cheese baked inside bread. Surprisingly tasty.

M- cool to hear from you! I've lurked on your site many a time. The wedding/honeymoon pics were gorgeous. Congrats to you! Fountain of youth! ha. The closest I get is hangin' with friends and family, and lots of wine.