Monday, June 2, 2008

The Heart of Our Nation - Part II

You may have thought I had forgotten about the Part I thing... y'know, usually followed by Part II and maybe Part III.

Here's part II.

This sexy guy was located in one of our favorite museums.

The Museum of Natural History

We loved this museum so much we returned for a second day. On the first day, we learned about prehistoric creatures of the lands and the deep waters.

The kids were clearly rivoted by our ongoing commentary on the points of interest.

Our second day at the museum found us checking out the dioramas, taxidermied animals and other exhibits more closely.

It's easy to poise, smile and be carefree in front of the stuffed grizzly bear...operative word "stuffed".

Close your eyes and think savana.

We saw a sign for the Hope Diamond and Bart and I gasped and said, "We have to go see the Hope Diamond"! We arrived in the room with the security guards and the long line. We patiently waited and finally reached the carefully lit case with the prize. Dane looked in and said matter-of-factly, "I thought it'd be bigger. A lot bigger."

For those of you who saw the movie, "Night at the Museum", you will probably get this right away. For the rest, in New York's Museum of Natural History, the exhibits come to life at night to the utter surprise of the new security guard. Whenever he passes a statue similar to this, the statue says, "I want gum gum, dumb dumb". I don't know how we convinced Dane to take this picture, but Bart and I laughed hysterically, not that he's dumb dumb, of course. Anyway, oh lord, please tell me my children will not be as corny as their parents.

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