Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sporty Forty

A birthday to celebrate? We love to celebrate! Our friend, Dale, recently turned 4-0.

We've all heard the "40 is the new 30" phrase being bandied about these days. In the case of Dale, it's just may be true. In preparation for his birthday, he completed a half Iron Man. The show-off!

His wife, Nancy, served up some scrumptious food and you can check it out on her blog here.

We relaxed on the deck for a while. As some of us are a bit older than Dale....ehemmm, not by much, just wanted to make that clear... we gave him the news on what to expect.

We included an explanation of the new gear Dale would be needing for all his sports activities. "Dale, you'll be needing this to hold up the family jewels, and fight the effects of gravity and aging!"

She did not appear amused. Could it be because she will be turning 40 this year as well and only wonders what eye-opening information and incredible, keepsake quality gifts she will be receiving?

Ok, back to the celebrating...

and the relaxing...

Dale's girls, Alison and Madison, helped make the evening special.

As did cake and ice cream...

Happy 40th birthday, Dale!!! We love you.


chinoq said...

It's really a happy time and Lovely pictures.

Nancy said...

Oh we did have fun, didn't we?! I'm so glad you caught my husband smiling and laughing. That's a sure sign of pleasure.