Friday, April 25, 2008

The Youngest is a Year Older

April 20 was Spencer's 9th birthday. 9th, oh, my. How can that be? Unfortunately, we weren't able to celebrate on April 20. We have, however, had two celebrations so far...maybe that's helped.

Spencer knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday...

Our first celebration was a meal at Red Lobster and he selected the Snow Crab legs. He cracked, pulled and picked on his own and loved every minute of it!

Last Thursday, he had some buds over to help him celebrate again. He just loves these guys.

Especially since like him, they love to pretend they are wild and carazzzzy guys. I'm sticking with pretend...yup, that's my story.

Spencer's the guy in our family who gets us laughing and wondering WHERE he comes up with his stuff. Here are a few pictures from the last year...

Skiing in Breckenridge, March, 2007. That's Spencer in the front with his brothers, cousins, Marshall and Ellie and Uncle Marty.

Kids are amazing. He learned to ski over a three day period including riding the lifts up the mountain and attacking a blue slope on the last day! Green - beginner, blue - intermediate, black - expert, double black - certifiably insane person.

It would appear he lost both of his front teeth in this should see the other guy.

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

Much Love, Mom

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