Thursday, April 10, 2008

KU Takes the Crown

Hello Everyone,
I've thought of starting a blog for a very long time. The main reason is my kids are growing and changing so rapidly and I want to preserve those memories. I also want to share these moments with family and friends near and far away. So here we go!

As many of you have heard, my family's beloved Jayhawks took the college basketball crown. This year, they won the Big 12 Title, the Big 12 Tournament, and ... the NCAA Championship! It's hard to put into words the Jayhawk fever that has been pumping through my house these last few weeks! We've sat glued to the TV with loud, house-shaking uproars! The championship game was unforgettable, from the lead changes, to the last minute deficit. The OT win made it worth the frayed nerves and hoarse voices! We celebrate:

With this young man, the outside doesn't always reflect what I suspect is going on in the inside.

Unlike this child who lets it seep out.

The end of a double flip with a twist.

Can there be any doubt?

Sheer Happiness!


Nancy said...

Love the picture of your husband! Watching the game with your family last weekend exposed us to a whole new side of the men in your house...

Rechelle said...

Does Bart know this picture of him is on the internet?? Too funny!