Monday, April 14, 2008

A Field Trip We Will Go

Sandwiched between two beautiful, sunny, spring days was a cold, misty, dreary day. Weather,'s field trip day! Off we went to Topeka to the state capitol.

Inside we met our tour guide and were mesmerized by the facts, history and artwork. Don't we look mesmerized?

We made our way through the building and climbed many, many stairs. Who knew a capitol building had so many stairs! Spencer and I stopped on the sixth floor. Others, including Spencer's teacher, climbed a rickety-looking spiral staircase hanging from the top to the peak of the dome. They stepped OUTSIDE into the cold, rain-spitting, wind for a look around. His teacher said it was thrilling. Hmmm, what kind of thrilling do you suppose that was? Challenging one's self or near death? Here we enjoyed a few moments in the former chambers of the Kansas Supreme Court. The Governor's office and the Legislative Chambers were tour stops. The House of Representatives was debating an issue that has been in the news lately - two proposed coal fire plants in western Kansas. That was cool! Next it was off to Gage Park for a quick lunch. I'm talking quick... or freeze! After lunch, we headed to the Washburn University science building. We were treated to a whacky science professor's bag of tricks. Rockets, balls ricocheting and liquid nitrogen demos. We also enjoyed a show in The Planetarium. Finally, since it wasn't a good day for the telescope, the kids drew planets.

Spencer is channeling a college student here, and
has reached readiness for the bus home.

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