Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hangin' with the Wichita Cousins

We traveled to Wichita this weekend and had the pleasure of spending Friday evening with Bart's cousin, Susie and her husband, Rick.

Walking into their house, big hugs were had all around. Their home gives you a hug, too. They've collected many treasures over the years, some have been inherited from family and others picked up on travels. Rick is a woodworker and included in his projects are wall length shelves in their kids rooms. He has also been building a garden shed out back. Hopefully they won't miss the beautiful wood-inlay chest he made for their daughter, Brianna. It even has a secret compartment! Sneaking it out of the house in the middle of the night was a challenge...I just kid.

Susie and Rick's, youngest son, Jarred, joined us for the evening. What a wonderful, young man. He's 23 - where does the time go. The first time I met him he was around Spencer's age, 8. He has a gift for working with kids and carries on his passion for swimming by coaching at Andover High School.

We had our boys, too, so when it came time for dinner, we headed to the best pizza place in Wichita, Knolla's. Aren't we goofballs?

We returned to their house for Susie's homemade Strawberry Pie...yummmm! Susie showed us a few of Molly the Wonder Dogs many tricks. We were amazed! They each have worked with Molly over the years, especially the kids, Trevor, Brianna and Jarred. I suppose saying they are kids is not accurate! Trevor is married to Shelley and they have a toddler named, Anistyn. They live in North Carolina where Trevor is in medical school. Brianna is working on a masters in, I believe, Animal Behavior, but don't quote me.
Here's Susie and Molly-

We loved seeing them! Susie, Rick and Jarred, thanks for being such gracious hosts!

Bart, Jenny, Mason, Dane and Spencer

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Mollydog said...

Hi Guys....It was so much fun having you visit us...We love your blog Jenny and we love your new family addition....Abbey is soooo cute. How could anyone leave the pet store without her...He..He..:)
Have fun....Love, The Gaskills