Thursday, April 17, 2008

He's Home!

We've been waiting for this day for ten long months! Bart's sister, Brett's husband, Greg, has returned from Afghanistan.

Just more than a year ago, they were married and, in July, he boarded a plane to serve our country.

We drove in caravan to Ft. Riley last Thursday to attend his Welcome Home Ceremony. While we waited his granddaughter, Maddox unknowingly entertained us.

Ft. Riley is ginormous. We took a bit of an impromptu tour because we were lost! We circled around and finally found the building, #88312, parked and entered. They had ample seating and two huge screens, where at first they were showing ESPN...ha! As the time of the ceremony approached, the show changed to photo montages of the troops in Afghanistan. Right at 4:00 p.m. the solders were announced and entered the room.

Greg is fourth from the end in the front row.

After a brief speech by a 2-star general, they turned them loose.

Brett's daughter, Brook, Greg, Brett's daughter, Piper, Brett and Brook's daughter, Maddox

Greg and Maddox

Greg and Brook

Greg, Bart's father, Jess and mother, Lauranell

Greg and Spencer with Mason

That baby girl needs another kiss.

Did I mention how glad we are to have him home?


kimj said...

Great pics! That last one brought tears to my eyes... welcome home Greg!!

Nancy said...

My favorite pic is Maddox in front of the large American flag - just precious! So glad he's home safely.