Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Abbey Road

The Scene of the Crime.

After living in our new home for a few months, with our lab, Bailey living outside. Bart and I began to discuss wanting a dog that was calmer and didn't shed. We had heard about Labordoodles from another Wamego family.

Considered, considered...too big!

We then thought about a Wheaten Terrior, like my brother, Marty's dog, Maggie. Sweet, lovable, dog.

Considered, considered...maybe still too big.

We then traveled two and a half hours to visit our beloved friends, Jean and Mike and met...

Daisy is a cockapoo. She's almost a year old and is about 20 pounds of hypoallergenic dog. Hypoallergenic is the term used by the Petland salesman. I couldn't begin to make this stuff up.

Our plan: 1. look at puppies. 2. ask questions. 3. hold puppies. 4. ask more questions. 5. leave.

This would provide us with months, maybe years of material for deliberations on size.

Me: ok, everyone, I have what I need to know. We can go now. This would be a good dog for the future, down the ROAD. So we...

bought Abbey.

Nobody really likes her.

I swear!

Nope, not one of us!


kimj said...

Abbey is so cute!! Hope all is going well with having a new puppy in the house! And good job on the blog! It looks great - love the dots! My Dane is not going to be happy that yet another friend has a blog for me to read every day!! But what's a girl to do?!

Rechelle said...

Oh My GOSH She is so adorable!