Wednesday, April 30, 2008

D is for Drive

Oh, boy, yesterday was a big day!

Our oldest son, Mason, got his IP driving permit. IP stands for Instruction Permit. I think it refers to the people handing those licenses out "Insane People". A little background may be needed. In Kansas, a 14 year old may take a short written drivers test to receive an IP. An IP allows the teen to drive with an adult in the car. They need to build up and log fifty hours of drive time, so that when they turn the ripe old age of 15 they may apply for a restricted driver's license. With a restricted license, the teen may drive to school, work or home...alone. No other passengers other than an adult. Once he reaches 16 he then may obtain a full driver's license.

Mason was 14 in January and has patiently waited for his parents to summon the courage to allow him to drive. Now that he is nearly looking me in the eye, I figured I could not put it off any longer.

We have had many encouraging suggestions. One was to set up cones in the funeral home parking lot and let him practice how fast he could drive around them. His brother, Dane, suggested learning how to drift (back end of the car slides as you drive fast around corners). Another suggestion, by his Aunt Brett, was to let our friend, Jeffer, teach him emergency driving. Jeffer trains the new ambulance drivers for the county Emergency Medical Services. Huh? I'm thinking more along the lines of observing the driving practices of the older residents of our town...slow, very, very slow.

Mason demonstrated pulling into a parking space at our local high school parking lot and pulled in perfectly on the first try. After I pulled my jaw off the floor, he grinned and said "driving the golf cart has been very helpful". He has a good head on his shoulders, is cautious and not easily swayed by his peers. Mason will do well as a driver.

Silver-blue Town and Country Van

or White Suburban

Case your wonderin'.


kimj said...

I took a quick inhale when I saw that first picture!! Yikes!! This can only mean that it will be happening at my house soon... again! Now you know why I have so much gray hair - male, teenaged drivers!! I saw Dr. Blanchard out driving with Maggie behind the wheel in their Suburban... Dr. Blanchard was reading a paper!! Wow!

Mason looks so grown up. And you're right... he's got a good head on his shoulders... he'll do fine!!

Nancy said...

Oh, so glad we'll be experiencing this together. Alison drove for the first time at night yesterday. Not once did I have to give her any advice. Mason will do fine; I'm not sure about you though!