Sunday, October 5, 2008

William Allen White Children's Book Awards Celebration

On a crisp, clear October morning a sea of little urchins waited patiently to climb aboard two yellow buses. 64 urchins and 20 grown-ups to be exact. Where were they going? On an adventure to learn about the 2008 William Allen White Award winning authors. The yellow cruisers bumped and bounced into Emporia State University just after 9:00 a.m. The kids flowed out and joined children from around the state.

As they waited to have their newly purchased books signed by the authors, the young (and old) ones met a variety of creatures. Fascination filled their eyes as they reached out to touch an armadillo, snake and iguana.

After lunch a little time to play outside gave way to lining up for a parade.

A parade filled with chants of books, novels and reading.

The merry group walked down the mainstreet of Emporia to the auditorium where the honored authors would speak. Speak they did. Weaving tales of childhood days curled up with wonderful books, early attempts at writing and finally success. The authors added stories of the "real" people, animals and places that inspired the books they've written.

Winner 3rd-5th Grade
A Dog's Life
by Ann M. Martin

6th-8th Grade Winner
Airball: My Life in Briefs
by Lisa D. Harkrader
*A huge KU fan who lives in Tongonoxie.

What did these now weary creatures think over as they returned home on the great yellow buses. Reading can wrap you in an enchanting story - I hope. Writing may allow you to invent interesting characters, develop captivating stories and express yourself - for some. Going on a field trip, shouting one's lungs out with great chants, running at full speed to avoid being tagged and getting to drink soda is a blast - possibly every single one.

2008-2009 Nominees


Anonymous said...

You should check out Bayard and their series of StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks and DiscoveryBoxBooks.
There's lots going on too:
This Month Storybox has guest illustrator Helen Oxenbury featured.

There's a Readathon happening in UK and Ireland -
There's a Ghost Drawing competition in AdventureBoxBooks assiciated with the Polka Theatre ( )

Jenny said...

Thanks for the great info. I'm going to go check it out!