Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

With all the seemingly never-ending rotten news of the economy, what we need is a little sunshine and beauty! Thank heavens for the spectacular weather of the last few weeks. It's been alternating between mild, sunny, breezy days and days of soft, steady rain. A few days of howling wind have made an appearance, too, but overall it's been lovely. My husband and I are starting to think we have been magically transported to a resort town.

Shhh... please don't tell this profusion of flowers it's darn near the middle of October!

And what of these beauties...they've been fooled into thinking it's still August.

Those tall grasses! They're just too smart, spurting out their fall seed pods. Yet they are unmistakably retaining a summery green glow.

We had dinner on the screened porch a night ago and yes, this morning is gorgeous. This weather is what I'm talking about! I hope you have it, too. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Living on the Spit said...

What an uplifting and wonderful post!!! I love those tall grasses and dinner on the porch with glorious temperatures always makes this horrible economy seem so far away!

Have a blessed weekend as well!