Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, I think!

At the start of a new year, I began to reflect on the previous year and thought to write some words on 2008.

Hmmm...2008 was an exceptionally difficult year for my family and reflections don't seem like such a good idea right now. So how about some resolutions? I just love to dream.

1. I will get my tushy moving again and permanently reclaim the in-shape bod I had for about six months back in 1998. I was chasing around two boys, 2 and 4 years old, while my husband was in Mortuary Science school in Kansas City (home on the weekends). My social needs were being met during tri-weekly exercise classes. I can do this!

2. I will become a Mother Extraordinaire, keenly interested in any topic brought forth by one of my boys and infinitely patient with their... shall we say... creative antics.

3. I will fall madly, deeply in love with house cleaning.

ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee wha ha ha ha, tears coming, oh...oh...oh gasp gasp snort. Those are so good! Quite possible, too!

Oh, alright, let me try again-

1. I will periodically take some time to re-balance my brain in light of my chosen loves: school, job, volunteering, shopping, cooking, gardening, reading...and most importantly, kids, husband, family and friends.

2. I will work to organize more and develop the habit of actually looking at the calendar each and every morning. No more relying on the brain for 2 or 3 day stretches as the brain does not appear to be as elastic as it once was.

3. I will expand the garden by adding more potatoes and corn. I will put in a strawberry bed, blueberry bushes and an asparagus patch. Planting the flower and shrub beds in the back yard will also be on the list. I will definitely have less weeds (oops, can't control that one).

4. I will continue on my quest to keep unneeded items moving on to people who need them.

5. Under intense pressure from my brother and his wife, we (I'm saying we here my Mortician buddy) will expand our recycling efforts. Milk jugs, cardboard, glass bottles, food scraps (into the composite pile, couldn't that count...somehow???).

6. I will budget my grocery needs. Sniff, sniff...sob...hiccup. I love grocery shopping! This one could be very difficult, but I am committed.

Okey dokey, that should do her. I'm optimistic about 2009! This year will bring many wonderful, memorable experiences to my family and friends and a new beginning to our country. I wish you all many blessings. Happy New Year!


Rechelle said...

Hey Jenny - I just started reading Animal Vegetable Spaz Spaz Spasm Miracle. Good Grief! That girl needs to get a sense of humor. I can see why you can't pick it back up. I mean seriously, her kids want to eat fruit and she won't let them because of her freaky ideas - and yet her husband gets coffee and they cook in olive oil. She is making me insane.

kimj said...

Rechelle -
And I just could not do the whole chicken and turkey "harvest" thing... I am a weinie, and proud of it!!

Jenny -
Your garden ambitions sound wonderful... can't wait to eat, I mean see, the fruits of your labor - har, har! We are going to try to do more recycling as well - Dane just doesn't know it yet!