Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can I Help with Those Christmas Lights?

My husband took down the Christmas lights this weekend and it reminded me of the pictures I took a few weeks ago when he put them up. Once he gets started on a project, there's no stopping him. I wish I had more of that in me! I'm the one who works on ten things at once and I'm not sure any of them are ever completely finished. But can you completely finish laundry??? Just asking?
We were working inside and he was working outside.

The two oldest boys put the lights and ornaments on the tree, while Youngest, well, he,...ah...

You get the idea.

It's a good thing the Mortician was in a great mood, because it was cold outside that day, so...

I spent most of my time helping from here.
When he was finished we wandered out to see. My oldest son and I stepped out on the porch and immediately heard a mournful crying. We looked all around, but didn't see the source. We looked at each other and slowly looked up.

Yep, there's Sox the cat! That goofball cat!

As they say,..."curiosity killed the cat".

Do your cats come when you call? This one does not! She was an orphan and I shudder to think what she went through. It took weeks for her to come to us or let us pet and hold her.

So we pondered what to do as she paced in every direction except the ladder.
Since it was cold out and I'm a whimp, I gave up and left the kids to solve the problem. Just being a good mother and all, raising children with good problem-solving skills.
Middleman suggested to his younger brother that they leave the ladder up and hide. There's brilliance in that young mind. She was down within five minutes. I'm so proud!


kimj said...

Dad on the outside, Mom on the inside works best at our house too, when it comes to Christmas lights!! This year we didn't get them up on the outside, and I bought a tree that was pre-lit... so it wasn't an issue... but I am pretty picky about my Christmas tree lights, so it's best to just leave me be and let me do it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting from "Country Doctor's Wife"...

Love your blog...I have three boys too!

Okay...the post about the Christmas lights is really funny...I did one almost exactly like that back in December. I even had a picture of my cat, and my husband on the ladder!

I'll be back for a visit!