Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've Been Away

Hello Everyone,

I've been away...on an African Safari! No? A backpacking trip across Europe! What? No? A scuba diving adventure in Key West! Pfft! Oh, Alright! I've been right here with my nose in my testbooks. I've been studying math, math and way-hey more math. I've been thinking about math, talking about math and even dreaming about math...what defines a field? What defines a group? What's the order? will not believe that order has nothing to do with, well, order.

I finished my finals on Thursday and, yes, I was so very excited, except that I was so very tired that it took me a couple of days to realize I had in fact finished my finals.

Tomorrow...hopefully, I will have a new post. Today was one of those days where so much happened I want to share it all but need a little time to get it contemplated, sorted, organized, outlined, parsed and written. See you then.

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