Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guess Who Turned...Another Year Older?

My Dad!

His birthday falls around Labor Day, which gave us a great opportunity to travel to St. Louis to all gather and celebrate.

My sister is a truly talented cook and she prepared an incredible meal including Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Garden Salad, Risotto, Roasted Potatoes and Fruit Salad. Following the meal we anxiously awaited dessert of Chocolate Layer Cake and Blackberry Cobbler. One of my Dad's favorites is Blackberry Cobbler and I tried a new recipe that far surpassed my expectations.

Time came to blow out some birthday candles.

"Uhhh...could I get a little help here?"

"Hmmm...some more help, please. Does anyone have a bucket of water...a fire hose?" Oh, my sneaky sister! My brother finally got those perpetual lighting wax sticks out with a glass of water.

We enjoyed the lovely evening on my sister's patio and then gathered for more conversation in the living room.

Don't kids usually last longer than the adults...

Happy Birthday, Dad! We look forward to many more.

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