Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Great Wall

We had a bit of a drainage problem after the house was completed, so earlier this spring we had the handy-dandy, earth-mover man come and re-work our driveway.

As an added bonus, his work created a place where we needed a rock retaining wall. In my imagination, this wall would offer endless landscaping opportunities... or at the very least add some interest to the front yard. The only downside is most of my outside "images" involve work for the husband. Fortunately on this one he didn't seem to mind.

We headed down to the local stone yard and selected a tumbled limestone called Dover Shell. This stack was delivered Saturday morning.

After the rain stopped and the area dried up enough, Bart got busy on this weekender project. He measured, dug, selected, hauled and leveled. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

As I watched and took photos I could feel some words bubbling up and pushing to get out..."would you like some help?"


My job was backfilling behind the stones. I felt a compulsive need to try to separate as much dirt as possible from the gravel. ho ho hee hee...I'm afraid, I wasn't much help.

About as much as the cats....

...who had a compulsive need to walk the wall.

The hubby finished up on Sunday evening.

Isn't it cool???


hot stock said...

very cool.

Carla said...

Pretty! Yea for husbands who do the 'heavy' work, and tolerate us girls being, well, girls! Congrats on your new wall, I hope it solves your drainage problem for you!

Living on the Spit said...

Really cool. I love the way it looks and that it is graduated in depth. Yuu guys did a great job!

Lori said...

It is such a simple thing, and so much work, but it really adds that perfect 'finished' touch! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Bart did a great job - he had to be sore Monday morning!! He was still working and sweating and puffing Sunday evening when we dropped Mason off after the movies! Looks as if it was worth all of that hard work!