Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Reunion - Part 2

Did anyone tell, notify, alert...uh, warn, the wonderful people at Marion Lake that our family was coming?

This was Reunion Command Central...the location of the food, the air-conditioning and the weather-wimps (just kidding Boppa (Jess) - 100 degrees outside, yummy food and drink inside - I'd say you were the wise one).

As I mentioned in Family Reunion Part 1, one fascinating aspect of reunions are all of the pictures and stories that are shared. We all enjoyed reviewing and discussing the pictures.

Let's talk a moment about food, shall we? Is it possible for two or more people to gather without an overabundance of food? I think not! One of the reunion traditions I enjoy are the family recipes. Here, Nana and Brook are making Momo's biscuits. We also had Momo's fruit salad and Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream.

Need I say more???

Well, maybe a little more...we had two additional delicacies that were beyond compare! One was the fried fish dinner, which is also a reunion tradition. John catches the fish at area lakes and then uses his special recipe batter and cooking method to make us all drool, fawn and beg him for more. Here he is between his two brothers, Ken and Brent.

Susie showed us how to make a special Swedish dessert, Osta Koka with Lindenberry Jam. It was wonderful and tasted like a custard or thick pudding with a sweet, tangy topping.

Taste aside, the real fun was making it.

The day was steamy and the lake was inviting. Jarod was the hero of the day, he took all who were up for a ride out on the boat.

Jarod pulled my boys around for a little kneeboarding. Later others went skiing and just for a ride.

Later in the afternoon, Jennifer and Susie demonstrated an ancient family tribal dance with Maddox as the upside down princess.

Here's the whole gang. Aren't we gorgeous??? *You may click on the picture to see a larger version.

Thank you, Susie, for all your work planning this year's reunion. The lake is an undiscovered jewel, the food was, as always, wonderful and the time spent together, priceless. See you all in 2010! Did I hear Maine? Wyoming?


Living on the Spit said...

That is such a special reunions. I wish more families could get along enough to savor the special times spent attending one of these...I believe it is a lost art. My family has never done things like this and it saddens me...I know why we can't but it's still sad. It gives everyone a chance to pass down history and to share the family spirit.

Carla said...

How wonderful! FAMILY-gotta love 'em!

jennifer said...

This is awesome you did a good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Jenny! It was fun to see some pictures of the reunion that I sadly missed. It's hard being all the way out here in Indiana. I love the picture of Jennifer and my Mom...what were they really doing? Looks like everyone had a great time and were well fed! Always a Hawkinson tradition. I'm looking forward to 2010.