Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't You Love Surprises

Oh, my how time flies. This was a part of our super-sized celebration at our place on Mother's Day. We had four mothers in the house: Lauranell, Brett, Jenny and Brook. We also had birthdays to celebrate: Greg's 50th, Jess's 83rd, Spencer's 10th and Maddox's 4th. We do food very well, so well, in fact, that the crowd came for lunch and stayed through dinner!

Surprises can be life-altering. Did you know that?

When you are 3 going on 4 you need a little help keeping your eyes closed.

Aunt Piper was happy to help.

Don't we all love surprises? The anticipation grabs a hold of everyone!

The not looking part is excruciating. A little help here...

And then...

Oh, my...

a puppy!

With slobbery kisses...

and sharp teeth.

"Just don't poop in the house. Got it!"

Happy Birthday, Maddox!


kimj said...

That last picture is adoreable!! :)

Nancy said...

Darling. Just darling. Maddox is a doll; gonna be a heart-breaker I'm sure.